February 2, 2012

NAED Tech Survey Results & Electrical Marketing Best Practices


In May 2011, NAED’s Board of Directors initiated the Strategic Tec­hnolo­gy Task Force with a mission to provide guidance, education and tools on technology innovations to benefit the electrical industry. As part of this effort, the Task Force has just released the results from their Strategic Technology Benchmarking Survey, in which 69 distributor companies answered questions about their technology priorities, challenges and opportunities. The study focused on the following topics:

  • Data & IT Roadmap

  • Website Functionality
  • E-Commerce Capabilities
  • Adoption of Mobile Devices/Technology
  • Back Office Technology Implementation

Some key findings:

  • 92.8% place a high priority on ensuring data in a distributors’ system is accurate and up to date
  • 66.7% rate eCommerce as a high priority

Download the Strategic Technology Benchmarking Survey>


In addition, NAED has commissioned a research project on electrical marketing. Key questions this project will help answer:

  • What do the best marketing distributors do better or differently from the rest?
  • How does interaction and collaboration with manufacturing partners impact marketing success?
  • How have the “new tools” of today supported, or detracted from, our traditional marketing practices?
  • How do we measure the effectiveness of our marketing investment?
  • How important is the electrical distributor’s brand, and how are those brands built?

Find out more about the Marketing Excellence in Electrical Distribution research project>­

NAED is seeking your input! Click here to participate in this project>

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