August 29, 2007

NEMA Expands its Associate Membership Program

ROSSLYN, VA, January 10, 2007—The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) today announced that it has broadened the requirements and benefits of its associate membership program, a move designed to make the organization more inclusive and, ultimately, to help its electrical manufacturers be more competitive.

“We intend to give our associate members significant value,” said NEMA President Evan Gaddis, “providing tangible benefits of membership in addition to the extraordinary access they will have to NEMA companies, programs, and services.”

NEMA now welcomes the following non-manufacturing entities to apply for membership:

• industrial suppliers—establishments that produce industrial materials or components (not

within NEMA’s scope) used in the manufacturing of NEMA member company products.

• wholesale trade businesses—establishments organized to sell or arrange the purchase of

electrical industry products for resale to other wholesalers or retailers.

• associated enterprises—establishments that provide engineering, technical, marketing, financial, legal, or analytical services to the electrical manufacturing industry.

• associations—501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) trade or professional organizations.

• individuals—persons who are interested in the electrical manufacturing industry and do not

qualify for membership in any other category.

As part of the expanded benefits package, associate members are invited to attend a number of NEMA meetings, including the prestigious Annual Meeting and Leadership Conference. They will receive complimentary subscriptions to NEMA’s award-winning magazine, electroindustry, NEMA’s Trade Briefs, Homeland Security/Critical Infrastructure Protection Briefs, and Executive Briefs, as well as ei extra, NEMA’s biweekly e-newsletter. NEMA will also provide a quarterly update on the business climate for the electroindustry specifically for NEMA associate members.

Associate members also receive discounts on a variety of NEMA services and the member subscription rate for the well–respected Electroindustry Economic Outlook. Finally, they have ready access to NEMA’s staff of industry specialists for tracking and analyzing critical industry issues.

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