December 6, 2018

New Document – IDEA Connector ‘Beyond the 43’ Document

We have posted a new document in the IDW Documents section titled “Additional Fields Beyond the 43”.

This document includes comprehensive information about important fields that are available in the IDW beyond the 43 critical fields required in IDEA’s Data Quality Program. The 43 critical fields allowed the manufacturers to focus on the minimum data needed by distributors in their ERP systems to conduct business and to launch a basic website/web-store. The manufacturers listened and took action. Recently the Excellence score measuring the field level population of all eligible items across all manufacturers topped 95%.

Now we are challenging our manufacturers to look beyond those 43 fields. It’s time to start populating some of the other IDW fields. Over 350+ are available. By doing so, the manufacturers will be arming their distributor partners with the needed data to market and sell their products.

So please go take a look at this new document. Just proceed to Advanced, then Information, then Documents. We think you will find it valuable as a guide to the expansive fields the IDW can provide.