May 23, 2013

New eCommerce & iCIMM2 Webinar Available On-Demand

IDEA’s last live webinar, “iCIMM2: From Search to Sale” is now available on-demand. Submit your request to watch the recording of this session, featuring Suchit Bachalli of Unilog, Justin Smith of IDEA, and Les Johnson of North Coast Electric Company as the speakers.

During this webinar, we took a closer look at compelling industry trends in competitor and customer behavior and reviewed seven best practices to help you maximize eCommerce efforts. We also provided an exclusive demo of IDEA’s web storefront and search engine software, iCIMM2, to help you assess your current eCommerce capabilities. The iCIMM2 is pre-populated with the most up-to-date and accurate product information from the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), which enables you to easily manage your own online catalog content and integrate it with your ERP system.

Here are a few session highlights from our Twitter @IDEAeSolutions:

  • An eCommerce solution is not just a website. Must directly connect your ERP system with your customers. – @lesjjohnson from @ncelec #IDEAWebinars
  • Build your site around your customers. Find out what they want & develop around that. – Suchit Bachalli from @Unilog1 #IDEAWebinars
  • #Distributors say gathering robust content to populate & maintain webstores is common obstacle to effective eCommerce site in #IDEAWebinars poll.
  • Before #iCIMM2, you were limited by the ERP’s version of what data should be on your site. It’s tough to expand & enrich data without a content management system. – @lesjjohnson
  • To drive traffic to your new web storefront, start by targeting your existing customers. – Suchit Bachalli from @Unilog1


Who will benefit? Marketing managers, IT/eBusiness managers/coordinators, product managers, and pricing manager/coordinators at electrical distribution companies

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