April 13, 2012

New EDI Solution Enables Automation with Non-EDI Customers


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iCone­x, IDEA’s newest B2B eCommerce solution, enables manufacturers and distributors to automate order management processes with trading partners that are not EDI-capable, which can help quickly increase the percentage of orders that are processed electronically. Integrated with the Industry Data Exchange (IDX) network, iConex helps maximize ROI for IDX users and their customers by leveraging the existing systems, processes and people without the need for additional capital investment in hardware or software.

iConex enables us to convert high volume non-EDI customers to an EDI process with no capital investment, no internal resources and no data errors. The iConex process helps our customer service reps to increase productivity by reducing the time spent on data entry. We truly believe in iConex and think this is a great opportunity to reduce costs and improve customer service.” — James Wilkinson, Director of Business Process Management, McNaughton-McKay

What Makes iConex Different?

iConex captures the actual data from the documents transmitted, providing you with 100% data-capture accuracy, unlike an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) order-scanning solution. Unlike online portals, iConex doesn’t require your customers to spend time re-keying orders into a supplier’s web store. Instead of offering discounts to encourage customers to place orders electronically, you can leverage iConex, which does not require your customers to make any changes to their processes.

Please contact your IDEA account manager at am@idea-esolutions.com or call 703-562-4600 to find out more about iConex.

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