April 8, 2014

New IDEA Application Brochures Now Available

You can now access new product brochures for distributors and manufacturers on IDEA’s website. The IDW for Distributors brochure provides an overview of the new subscription level options, Core and Catalog, and the new add-on service, Catalog Plus.

3 ways to use our new brochures:

  • Review the brochure(s) to find out all the ways IDEA applications and services can help distributors and manufacturers
  • Use the brochure(s) to help get buy-in for various IDEA initiatives internally
  • Share the brochure(s) with your trading partners that are not using IDEA’s applications to encourage adoption

Access them now:

Access them later:

Go to each application page on the website and click the “Resources” bookmark near the top of the page. The product brief will be the first resource listed within this section.

IDW for Distributors Subscription Update

IDEA has consolidated the IDW subscription levels into two options, Core and Catalog level. See chart below for details on what product content is included in each level. IDEA will be contacting all the customers affected by this change with more details. We have also included an add-on service, Catalog Plus, for distributors that are interested in leveraging IDEA-normalized product attributes, IDEA-hosted digital content URLs and IDEA-sourced product content.

You can schedule a one-on-one to find out more about the IDW subscription options for distributors 

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