April 28, 2011

New IDEA Service to Attack Data Quality Issues

IDEA will reveal the concept behind a new professional service currently in development, the B2B Partnership Rating Program, at the NAED Leadership Summit this week. Tom Naber, President & CEO, NAED will introduce the service during the general sessions on Sunday, May 1, and IDEA and DATAgility representatives will be onsite answering questions by the NAED Registration Desk.

About the new service: The mismanagement of quality data is a significant issue that erodes profit margins, diminishes customer confidence, and causes lost sales every day, especially with web selling.

  • Most CEO’s are not aware of the scope of their data problems. The one common message heard from many companies: “We can’t quantify the problem; therefore it receives no priority or resources.”
  • Distributors often make requests to the manufacturer for “all the data,” but the manufacturer can’t really supply “all the data” if it’s not properly defined.

The B2B Partnership Rating Program (PRP), a NAED-supported service, will be a formal collaboration tool to measure industry standards adoption and compliance, enable distributors to communicate their exact data requirements, plus evaluate Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) data content and manufacturer and distributor B2B processes. This program will give manufacturers and distributors the opportunity to evaluate their trading partners on their ability to facilitate cost-cutting measures to help quantify and attack the industry’s data pain. This program is designed to work in conjunction with, and complement, the current NAED scorecards.

Stay tuned for more details on this new service in our next issue. If you are interested in learning more, want to provide feedback during its final stage of development, and/or want to be one of the first companies to leverage it, we want to hear from you! Please email Mary Shaw, Standards Director, IDEA at mshaw@idea-esolutions.com.