October 31, 2007

New IDW Data Sync Program Expected to Increase IDEA Customer Savings

IDEA recently formed a partnership with a leading data management specialist, DATAgility, to offer a data sync program as a value added service to Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). The IDW Data Sync Program will provide additional resources and tools to complete the data synchronization process between trading partners through data planning and preparation.


The new program is designed to measure how a distributor and manufacturer’s business information is aligned and to recommend ways to address trading partner data discrepancies. The program will provide custom data templates, data match reports, expanded IDW product data sets and consultative data quality services.


While the IDW data validation engine and the Data Audit and Certification (DAC) program provide great tools for ensuring that the manufacturer’s business information is correct, there is no program or process in place that enables a data match between the end user (distributor) and the manufacturer’s data. The new program is expected to be a cornerstone for true trading partner data synchronization, which will greatly lower order management costs, improve sales productivity, enhance product life cycle management, and develop better collaborative inventory planning and replenishment processes.


Once trading partners have sync’d their baseline data files through this new program, the IDW will be utilized to keep the data in sync and maintain data quality through continuous updates.


“No more important step can be taken by a manufacturer and distributor trading partner than to have their product and price files assessed in a data match program. Past data match activities undertaken jointly by IDEA and Profile Systems and now DATAgility clearly indicate that even the best intended trading partners have disparate data for the same SKU. This program will provide a specific report card on how organizations’ business information is aligned. Once the discrepancies are tackled, then the data can be maintained in a continuous synchronized state via the IDW. There is no better team to partner with IDEA on this activity than DATAgility, and the return on completing this program will provide a payback worth more than 100 times the cost of the service,” stated Mike Rioux, IDEA President.


For more information about the IDW Data Sync Program, please contact Lily Saad, IDEA, at (703) 562-4606.