October 22, 2008

New IDW Feature Simplifies Price Requests

Do you find yourself needing to recheck the same items periodically to see if new pricing is available? A new IDW feature lets you build a pick list of Global Trade Identification Numbers (GTINs) with scheduled data requests that populate only items on your pick list that have had recent price changes.

Pick list setup is a one-time job if you select reoccurring data requests. These special requests can only be built for a single manufacturer, however, it is possible to download multiple manufacturer pick list requests into the same output file name using the same trading partner folder.

IDW’s outbound mapper can customize the selective fields needed for your pick list to prepare data for a specific customer’s requirements. The transformations within the IDW outbound mapper include changes to case for text fields, substitution of characters or spaces with other characters and mark-up or mark-down multipliers. Outbound mapper features include the ability to map single fields to more than one destination, rename field headings and even add single-value text like a company name to the download file.

You can get step-by-step instructions on how to use the new pick list feature by contacting your Account Manager or one of IDEA’s tech representatives at 703-562-4600.

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