June 3, 2015

New IDX Features Expand Troubleshooting and Search Capabilities

IDEA recently added two new features to the Industry Data Exchange (IDX) service, which allow subscribers to use the platform more efficiently by improving troubleshooting and search capabilities. IDX subscribers can expect electronic data interchange (EDI) management to be easier than ever. Here, we explore each of these new capabilities.

New IDX Library feature:

The IDX Tracker has expanded its features to include a library section that houses all EDIPro Guidelines.

Why is this important, and how does this help me, the IDX subscriber?

  1. Having the EDIPro Guidelines as a cross-referencing tool while using the IDX Tracker enables you to troubleshoot failed transactions for production EDI documents and view the contents of the suspect document simultaneously.
  2. The ability to pull up the EDIPro guidelines while in the IDX Tracker interface facilitates testing and verification of new EDI transactions or exchanges between yourself and a new EDI trading partner. 


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New IDX GS-Level search feature:

The IDX’s advanced search criteria options now allow searches for EDI transactions at the GS ID level, which is a secondary EDI envelope segment.

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Why is this important, and how will this help me, the IDX subscriber?

Previously, the IDX Tracker search criteria enabled users to search by EDI IDs at the ISA level, or envelope header, level. This feature is useful for finding transactions sent to or from trading partners that use the same EDI ID at the ISA and GS level.

However, there are some companies that have different EDI IDs at the GS level, which is equivalent to a second-line street address, such as an office’s suite number. Companies that have all EDI transactions processed at a corporate location, but then transfer the content of the EDI transaction to a different division or sub-location within their company typically use this GS level EDI ID.

With the new GS-level search capability, IDX subscribers can search and identify EDI transactions intended for a company’s various divisions, thus negating the need to search through potentially hundreds of inbound documents in order to locate a specific transaction for review.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the new IDX Tracker features, please contact Tom Guzik, IDEA’s Manager, B2B EDI Solutions, at tguzik@idea4industry.com.

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