February 17, 2010

NEW! Professional Service Available to IDEA Customers

IDEA is now offering our Synchronization Audit Service to all IDEA customers. Originally created in collaboration with Affiliated Distributors (A-D), IDEA’s new Synchronization Audit Service was introduced to help IDEA companies do more with less. Many have used all options to cut costs and increase profitability from reducing inventories and staff to limiting travel and other various cutbacks so “What’s next?” IDEA’s Synchronization Audit Service helps you discover new ways to thrive in an uncertain economy by building a custom roadmap to maximize profits with strategic trading partners.

During the audit, IDEA staff will work with customers to define goals and gather critical information about their companies. Then we will then take this information and perform assessments against IDEA data and current industry trends. We will walk our contacts through the three steps of the audit including Measurement, Analysis and Recommendations. The end result is a customized step-by-step guide that will help each company reach its goals more efficiently.

Manufacturers and distributors have already taken advantage of this professional service to reach goals related to trading partner relationships, performance and profitability.

Find out more – Download the IDEA Synchronization Datasheet now or access it later in the Resource Center.