June 20, 2014

New Reporting Process Provides Quick Way to Improve IDW Data Quality

The Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) now includes a Data Quality Issue link, which allows IDW users to report item-level data quality concerns within the system. If an IDW user spots incorrect, unusable, or questionable data, he or she can send a Data Quality Issue report involving one or multiple items directly through the IDW. This new process facilitates an efficient and timely resolution for data quality issues and can be used by both manufacturers and distributors in the ongoing effort to improve the quality of data in the IDW.

Data Quality Issue Reporting 101:

  • Upon logging into the IDW, you can access the Data Quality Issue reporting form by clicking on a link in the main navigation bar, as seen below. This link will remain in the main navigation bar as you navigate throughout the IDW. 



  • When you see problematic information that you would like to report, click on the “Report a Data Quality Issue” link.  A report form will then pop up in your browser, similar to the image below. Please ensure that your pop-up blocker is turned off, or that you are allowing pop-ups for the IDW website.
  • This form will auto-populate your basic contact information along with any other item-specific details that are available. For example, if you are looking at a specific price sheet, the “Manufacturer” field will be populated with the name of the manufacturer to which that price sheet belongs and the “Item Identifiers” field will include that item’s catalog number. This feature streamlines the reporting process even further, making it easier for you to quickly report an issue.
  • The form also includes a place for you to provide the type of issue you are reporting (as seen in the image below), a detailed description, and a screen shot (optional) of the problem.
  • Once you report the issue, IDEA’s Data Management Specialists will reach out to the manufacturer involved in order to resolve the problem quickly and at the source.

How IDEA is Using This Process to Improve IDW Data Quality:

This addition provides a structured method for reporting data quality issues. The systematic reporting process allows IDW users to communicate more directly about specific pieces of data. This, in turn, enables faster updates and results in cleaner, more accurate data in the IDW.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the IDW’s Data Quality Issue Reporting process, please contact your Data Management Specialist, or email IDWsupport@idea4industry.com.

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