April 28, 2010

New Resource!  IRD CERICOMX® eLearning Module Available on Portal

Supply-side trading partners (e.g. manufacturers) use IDEA’s IRD CERICOMX® to register product data through the GS1 Registry® and GDSN via the 1SYNC Data Pool. Supply partners also use the application to comply with global standards (GS1–GDSN), meet retail mandates from companies like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Walmart, and publish and synchronize their online catalog with demand partners. A new interactive eLearning module is available on the IDEA Portal to walk users through the IRD CERICOMX® data synchronization process.

This course will help IRD CERICOMX® users:

  • Understand the Global Data Synchronization Network, also known as GDSN, and the roles of 1SYNC and IDEA
  • Summarize how product data is synchronized based on standard criteria
  • Register products with the GDSN
  • Use IRD CERICOMX® to successfully publish and synchronize item data with demand partners
  • Identify the resources available to help maintain product catalogs

The interactive demonstrations in the module are organized under the three key data synchronization steps and functions within IRD CERICOMX®:

  • Uploading and Modifying Product Data using two methods:
    • Excel template method for multiple product entries
    • IRD CERICOMX® web application method for single product entries
  • Publishing and
  • Retrieving Messages from Retailers

All IRD CERICOMX® customers can access the new training module by logging in to the IDEA Portal and navigating to Training>IRD>Training Modules. The new module will display at the top of the file list.

Please contact your account manager or email accountmanager@idea-esolutions.com if you have any questions about accessing this new training resource.

The module will also be available in the IRD CERICOMX® Document Library early next week.

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