March 17, 2010

New Resource! Net Price Synchronization eLearning Module Available on Portal

Pricing is without question an essential component to manufacturer and distributor business processes. Specifically, net price is defined as the agreed upon price a distributor will pay a manufacturer for a product – in other words, the distributor’s cost for that product. Synchronizing this valuable pricing information helps streamline supply chain processes related to payments, inventory management and rebates. A new interactive eLearning module is available on the IDEA Portal to educate the industry on the benefits of net price synchronization and the standardized options IDEA provides to facilitate a more efficient exchange.

This course covers the fundamental concepts and helps you understand your options for more efficient net price synchronization with your trading partners. This course will help you:

  • Understand how net price is used in your business today
  • Identify roadblocks of net price synchronization
  • Clarify the ways net price can be exchanged between trading partners
  • Understand how IDEA can help streamline and automate net price synchronization today and our vision for the future

The module demonstrates the four standardized net price exchange methods provided by IDEA:

  • B2B Document Exchange (EDI 845 Direct) *Most efficient method*
  • EDI to Flat File
  • Simple Net Through the IDW Data Synchronization Platform
  • EDI to IDW FTP Folder

The module is available for public use and is accessible on the IDEA Portal under Training>Training Modules. The new module will display at the top of the file list.

Take the Net Price Synchronization course now or access it later on the IDEA Portal!