January 19, 2012

New Sync Platform for the Electrical Industry: DMP


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In 2011, IDEA and leading electrical companies have been developing a new data sync platform that we expect to increase eBusiness productivity for many more companies and years to come – the Data Management Platform (DMP). Born from the industry, ­the DMP has undergone several iterations and testing processes. As a newsletter subscriber, you’re getting a first look into this powerful new industry solution.

Who helped develop the DMP?

IDEA’s efforts in 2011 focused on the DMP Pilot Program, which included participants from: Border States Electric, Cooper Industries, Crescent Electric Supply, Leviton, Lutron, and OSRAM SYLVANIA. These companies volunteered their time and expertise to test the new software and provide suggestions for improvement on behalf of the industry. Read the electroindustry magazine article about the DMP Pilot Program>

What is the DMP?

The DMP is a data sync platform that enables manufacturers to aggregate, synchronize and communicate product information with all their trading partners through one application. The application helps manufacturers comply with electrical wholesale standards defined within the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), global standards defined by the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), and any other mandates that may be required by a trading partner.

How can manufacturers benefit from the DMP?

We’ll let the users do the talking on this one:

“The DMP will help alleviate the burden of looking through several databases, catalogs, and spec sheets—tying up multiple resources searching for data that’s been requested by our trading partners. We see the DMP as having a tremendous impact on response time. The quicker we can get complete data to our customers, the quicker they can accomplish their goals,” said Mark Richards, eCommerce Director, Leviton.

“With the DMP, I can load the data just once, and the tool is flexible and more user friendly. It is a huge time saver. For example, using the DMP, I was able to load about 130 items with standardized marketing content, and I did it in about 10 minutes!” said Dawn Wright-Perry, Master Data Manager, Milbank.

“The DMP adds value by consolidating the process and enabling us to publish the data one time, certify that it is accurate, and allocate it where needed to our trading partners,” said Samer Shehadeh, EDI Manager, Cooper Industries.

What about distributors?

The DMP has a “demand-side” in which distributors can receive, parse, validate and package the product information they receive from various sources (e.g. IDW, direct from manufacturer) in one location before importing it into their ERP systems and web storefronts.

How will the DMP affect current IDW and/or IRD CERICOMX® customers?

The DMP integrates seamlessly with the IDW for supply and demand partners. For manufacturers, their distributors that use the IDW will have access to the data the manufacturer populates in the DMP, and their distributor customers that use the DMP will have access to their IDW product information.

IRD CERICOMX® customers can continue to use that application to synchronize product information with the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) without interruptions, or can decide to migrate to the DMP. The DMP utilizes the 1SYNC data pool for the GDSN synchronization.

What makes the DMP different from other sync solutions?

The DMP offers flexible and customizable features that enable you to synchronize non-standardized content such as internal or trading-partner specific requirements that are not available in the IDW or IRD CERICOMX®.

“We need one version of the truth for our product data that every department can use. The DMP enables us to store our product information in one place, and it validates the data against industry and global standards based on the channel we send it to. This gives us more time to aggregate detailed, enriched product marketing content and provide it electronically,” said Milbank’s Wright-Perry.

Browse the Data Management Platform (DMP) web pages and contact your Account Manager at am@idea-esolutions.com for this new solution.

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