October 25, 2012

Next Live Webinar – iConex: Capture. Transform. Deliver.

­­Do you find that many of your trading partners lack the financial and technical ­resources to conduct electronic data interchange (EDI)? Do errors from manual order entry and slow order cycles add cost to your business? Would you like to convert high-volume manual order customers to an automated process?

IDEA’s next live webinar is “iConex: Capture. Transform. Deliver.” and will be held on Thursday, Nove­mber 8th. During this webinar, we’ll show you how IDEA’s iConex ­ solution combines an innovative text-to-EDI solution with the Industry Data Exchange (IDX). This integrated application enables you to automate order management with trading partners that are not EDI-capable while leveraging the existing systems, processes and people you already have in place. The webinar will include a demo of iConex to show how it can help to lower your operational costs, maximize ROI and improve customer service. Experts will be on hand to answer your questions.

Webinar: iConex: Capture. Transform. Deliver.
­­Dat­e: November 8, 2012
Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm ET
­Speakers: Mike Wentz, VP Marketing & Operations, IDEA and Mark Toffoli, Director of Sales, ecmarket

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The last live webinar “Next Generation Data Sync: The Data Management Platform (DMP)” is now available on-demand. To receive the video recording, please send your request and you will receive the link via email upon approval.The presentation is also available for download from SlideShare.

Twitter highlights from the webinar:­­­

  • Thanks for helping create and test DMP! @CooperInd­ @CrescentJobs @OsramHQ @Leviton @BorderStates @LutronEurope @MilbankPowerGen­ #IDEAwebinars
  • DMP response feature gives manfs. specific info about what needs correcting so your products can go to market faster. #IDEAwebinars
  • DMP lets you know which data attributes are required by your diff. trading partners like the IDW, GDSN, Walmart, Lowe’s, etc. #IDEAwebinars
  • 3 ways to get product data into DMP: 1) Enter thru user interface 2) Upload into app 3) Connect your backend system to DMP #IDEAwebinars
  • Samer @CooperInd: the DMP does a lot of the heavy lifting so we can focus on getting more product data out in real time. #IDEAwebinars
  • Once you publish product data in the DMP, you’re done! The system will communicate it to all your trading partners #IDEAwebinars
  • Top challenges manf. face when responding to product data requests: 57% say coordinating internal efforts & reformatting data #IDEAwebinars
  • Samer @CooperInd speaking about the DMP #IDEAwebinars. Automation is how we ensure all data in the DMP is complete & accurate.

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