October 10, 2007

Note from the President: Data Synchronization Challenge

“There is a great difference between what is supposed to be, what we think it is and reality. Reality is that is not one man’s job, it is not one organization’s job to drive the outcome, it is all our jobs. So I challenge each of you to make the goal of what IDEA was founded to facilitate, information sharing and data synchronization, a priority at your company. No more lip service but a focused and dedicated effort by manufacturers to provide accurate and timely business information that your trading partners need and for distributors to stand tall and demand that your suppliers support this initiative. It is no easy task as even Lowe’s, Home Depot and Wal-Mart effort with their mandates for data synchronization are struggling with their suppliers. So take a message to Garcia and make the IDW a top objective at your company.”

Mike Rioux, President, IDEA