June 26, 2012

On-Demand Webinars and “Next Generation Data Sync: The DMP” Highlights

Past webinars are now available to view on-demand! Find out more and submit your requests to watch past webinars on the IDEA Webinar website. Once we receive and approve your request, you will be sent an email with a link to watch the webinar. 

The last live session in IDEA’s Webinar Series, the “Next Generation Data Sync: The DMP,” was hosted by Melissa Longnecker, Program Manager, IDEA and Boris Ivanov, Partner, Digital Business Architects (DBA) and featured guest speakers Dawn Wright-Perry of Milbank Manufacturing and Jason Archbold of Border States Electric. Attendees were invited to learn about the industry’s new Data Management Platform (DMP) and received an exclusive demo. Here’s a few session highlights from our Twitter and SlideShare pages:

Tweets from the event @IDEAeSolutions:

  • 71% of manufacturers surveyed during the webinar say reformatting product data is their biggest challenge.
  • Dawn Wright-Perry, Milbank, guest manufacturer: Favorite feature of the DMP is that electrical standards are built right into the software.
  • Dawn Wright-Perry, Milbank, guest manufacturer: Milbank will be exporting DMP product data directly into print catalogs.
  • There are multiple ways and formats for manufacturers to add product data to the DMP including: the DMP app, EDI, Excel and XML.
  • Jason Archbold, Border States, guest distributor: The DMP helps us communicate how we’ll be using the manufacturer’s product data.
  • 85% of distributors surveyed during the webinar say manual consolidation of product data from multiple sources is their biggest challenge.
  • It took Kirby Risk 5,000 man hours to source 15,000 products for their catalog. Manufacturers using DMP could provide all that in minutes.

View the DMP webinar slides on IDEA’s SlideShare page>

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