September 26, 2007

OSRAM SYLVANIA and Viking Electric Supply Recognized at the Electro E-Biz Forum 2007

IDEA recently announced OSRAM SYLVANIA and Viking Electric Supply as the manufacturer and distributor recipients of the first annual Richard Buzun Award for Leadership and Innovation in eCommerce. Liz Norman, EDI Business Manager, Siemens Energy & Automation, presented the awards at the Electro E-Biz Forum 2007 in Vancouver, B.C.

The award is named after the late Richard Buzun, the second IDEA Chairman, and former President and CEO of Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. It was created by IDEA to honor an individual manufacturer and distributor company that continue to reach the highest standards of excellence in eCommerce practices and promote these practices throughout the supply network.

“Richard Buzun’s family and the Siemens organization are pleased to have this new industry award named in Richard’s honor. Siemens continues to support all IDEA initiatives as well as explore future opportunities to increase efficiencies,” said Norman.

John Wilson, Manager eCommerce & Business Development, OSRAM SYLVANIA, and Rich Passmore, IT Manager, Viking Electric Supply, accepted the award on behalf of the their companies.

While recognizing SYLVANIA, Norman highlighted the company’s willingness to test the newest technologies and automate new processes to improve the supply network, their dedication to quality data, their continued support and participation in the IDEA Standards Committee and their recent accomplishment of providing the highest amounts of enriched data fields online to their trading partners.

“As a founding member of IDEA, OSRAM SYLVANIA has always enthusiastically supported industry initiatives that improve and provide additional productivity to the electrical wholesale industry. We place a high priority on providing and transmitting our data with our trading partners through IDEA’s Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) and Industry Data Exchange (IDX) because we recognize the importance of data synchronization and the benefits of providing and controlling our own product data in a single secure industry owned source,” said Charlie Jerabek, President and CEO, OSRAM SYLVANIA.

Viking Electric Supply was recognized for their development of an online customer order management application, a successful EDI program used to exchange transactions with close to 50 trading partners and their rapid integration of Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) to improve price and rebate information processes.

“Viking Electric is grateful for the recognition this award brings to our Information Technology group. Viking has a long history of software innovation going back to 1975. We have had an active EDI development program in place since 1993. Our success is due, in no small part, to collaborative efforts with our trading partners such as Siemens. Since becoming an IDEA customer, we have seen the pace of our eCommerce development efforts accelerate as a result of the wealth of vendor product data at our fingertips. We appreciate that by improving our own internal processes, we also make Viking a better trading partner for our suppliers,” said Greg Hames, President, Viking Electric Supply.

The second annual Richard Buzun Award for Leadership and Innovation will be awarded at the IDEA E-Biz Forum 2008 in Washington D.C, September 15.

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