August 27, 2007

OSRAM SYLVANIA Continues to Advance eCommerce Throughout the Electrical Wholesale Industry

OSRAM SYLVANIA, a leading manufacturer of lighting solutions, recently completed an enriched data load of over 3000 SKUs via the IDW2. SYLVANIA now provides the most fields of enriched data to the IDW2. The data load included product images, detailed product descriptions, spec sheets, brochures, warranty information, and material safety data sheets. SYLVANIA is the first manufacturer to provide warranty and material safety information for their trading partners.

“The enriched data fields, including extended product descriptions and photographs greatly aid our sales process by quickly matching the product attributes with the buyer’s application,” said John Wilson, Manager E-Commerce & Business Development, OSRAM SYLVANIA.

Providing this information to the IDW2 gives SYLVANIA’s distributor trading partners the ability to extract important up-to-date product information from one location 24/7, as opposed to searching for the information on websites or requesting it directly. Both SYLVANIA and their trading partners benefit from the amount of time and money saved through the reduction of transaction errors.

“We place a high priority on providing enriched data to the IDW2 because we recognize the importance of data synchronization and the benefits of providing and controlling our own product data in a single secure source,” said Charlie Jerabek, President and CEO, OSRAM SYLVANIA.

As a founding member of IDEA, SYLVANIA has always supported industry initiatives that improve the electrical wholesale industry. Their support of the Independent Electrical Distributor (IED) Program of self-improvement and the recent NAED sponsored SPA and Scorecard task team initiatives shows their commitment to eCommerce efficiencies in the channel.

OSRAM SYLVANIA is a long standing member of the IDEA Standards Committee. “SYLVANIA encourages others to join this very important industry organization that establishes the guidelines and standards that result in the reduced transaction cost to further the Electrical Wholesaler as the Channel of Choice,” said Wilson.

IDEA would like to thank SYLVANIA for their continued support to achieve the ultimate goal: complete data synchronization in the electrical industry.

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