December 15, 2011

Part Three of the “Catapulting the Curve” Podcast Series

In this segment, Larry Stern and Del Nickel discuss the challenge and competitive advantage of manufacturers controlling their own product data, plus ways to prepare for a global marketplace by keeping pace with the ever-changing nature of technology.

“In the past, you would hear part of the skepticism was from the manufacturers saying that no distributor was asking for the product data, but if there’s any manufacturers that would make that statement, I would be happy personally to debate that with them, because they are not listening. The demand is there.”

Larry Stern, president, Standard Electric Supply

“Manufacturers are the only ones who know their products, revisions changes, product changes, price changes, attribute changes, and the only ones that can react to that with speed. A lot of other industry service providers, i.e. competitors to IDEA, scrape and source the data from a multitude of websites and that data is only as good as the information on the websites, and frankly probably not very accurate.”

– Del Nickel, past president, Pentair Technical Products

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