April 28, 2010

Phil Barrios Named Recipient of the NAED Associate Service Award of Merit

Congratulations to Phil Barrios, senior director of corporate marketing and e-business at Hubbell Incorporated, for being named the 2010 recipient of the NAED Associate Service Award of Merit. NAED recognizes Barrios for his leadership on the IDEA Board of Directors, IDEA Industry Standards Committee and participation at the National Electrical Leadership Summit.

When asked his feelings about receiving this award, Barrios described it as both an honor and very humbling. “As much as I appreciate being selected for this prestigious award, I see it as a reflection of NAED’s recognition for the results of many, not just one person,” he said. “The support I receive from [Hubbell Incorporated’s] management comes from the top. Tim Powers, our chairman, president, and CEO, not only served as chair of IDEA, but fully supports these initiatives and enables me to continue service to the industry.”

Download the entire TED Magazine article to read more about Barrios and other award recipients including Tammy Miller, CEO, Border States Electric (BSE) and Eaton Corporation.

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