November 14, 2007

Platform Migration will Increase IDX Reliability and Rapidity

IDEA is currently implementing an Industry Data Exchange (IDX) platform migration to increase the benefits trading partners receive from performing eBusiness with IDX. Once the migration is completed, 95% of the IDX document traffic will be sent and received directly through the IDX network without the interception of an off-network VAN. This will move IDX one step closer to becoming an independent network so that IDEA can continue to provide top-notch personal service.


The migration of off-network traffic to the IDX network will result in the following benefits to IDX users:


  • Elimination of intermediaries
  • Quicker turnaround time
  • Reduction of data latency
  • Reduced potential for data failures


The platform migration will be seamless and unnoticeable to IDX users and their trading partners, and will provide users with full access to the new IDX Tracker 2.5 enhancements.


Contact Tom Guzik at (703) 562-4626 to experience IDEA’s exceptional service first-hand and to learn more about why IDX is known as the best value in eCommerce.



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