September 13, 2012

Positive Energy Fuels Leadership

Content courtesy of Denice R. Hinden of Managance Consulting & Coaching, a facilitator and executive coach with a specialty in group coaching and Energy Leadership.

Consider this scenario: A company has some underperforming employees and has found it difficult to attract desired talent. One long-held belief in this business is that “we don’t have enough money to hire the kind of talent we need.” The implication is we have to “tolerate” the employees we have or hire whoever we can get. Another long-held belief is that all people have the potential to be successful at work so it goes against our organizational culture to terminate underperforming staff. These negative or catabolic beliefs impose a limiting perception about this company’s opportunities. When leaders come from “what’s wrong first thinking,” we can feel victimized or even paralyzed by our beliefs and create self-fulfilling prophecies.

Now consider the same scenario again. This time the company creates new beliefs that “we do have enough money to hire great talent” and “there are many reasons why excellent employees would want to join our company.” The company also develops a robust vision for the kind of talent it wants to attract and it refreshes hiring practices to attract those types of individuals.

Anabolic or positive energy is building energy.

The scenario is a real one. When this company shifted its beliefs about the kind of employees it deserved to hire, and reframed its hiring approach from inspiring language in its position announcements to the questions asked in the interviews; it attracted an incredible pool of talent. Within a year, the organization hired great talent, and helped underperforming staff move on to other opportunities in a very supportive way.

The definition of “lead” – “to go before or with to show the way” and “to guide in direction, course, and action” is supportive and empowering. In the article “Manage Your Energy Not Your Time,” the success of our leadership flows from positive energy which helps us see opportunities in even the greatest challenges. What action are you willing to take today to understand your energy and expand your leadership capacity?

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