October 27, 2010

Preparing for the Future of Global eCommerce Standards

Global standardization is the focus of the latest issue of electroindustry, a NEMA publication. In the article “Preparing for the Future of Global eCommerce Standards,” representatives from Border States, Pentair Technical Products, Philips Lighting Company and Milbank examine the benefits of the UNSPSC-based Electrical Attribute Schema and the implementation challenges they’ve faced over the last year. Each company is using the schema as a resource to prepare for the future of global eCommerce and is an advocate for wider industry adoption.

Excerpts from the article:

“On the Industry Standards Committee, we’re constantly working to keep up with global and industry needs. We operate as a community of manufacturers and distributors to foresee where we need to be with our product data.”

— Angela LiVolsi, Data Synchronization Specialist, Philips Lighting Company

“The UNSPSC-based attributes are a huge leap forward. This presents a very robust and scalable solution. With that comes some complexity, so fully implementing the attribute schema in a manufacturing organization can require a significant initial investment in set-up. However, once established, maintenance becomes a simpler matter going forward.”

— Michael Johnson, Marketing Analyst, Pentair Technical Products

“Now that this product information is residing in a platform, it’s going to be more accessible and efficient for us to continue to build these products into our online catalog. But beyond that, I can also trust the data much more because the manufacturer has provided it. If it’s correct, then we’re just reformatting and redisplaying it as opposed to trying to reenter the data.”

— Jason Archbold, Catalog Marketing Specialist, Border States Electric

“Offering standardized enriched product information is going to make you, as a manufacturer, easier to do business with; it’s going to make your products easier to find, access, and understand. And, in the fast-paced electronic environment that we live and work in today, that could be your only advantage.”

– Dawn Wright-Perry, Retail Services Manager, Milbank

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