February 13, 2008

Preview the IDEA E-Biz Forum 2008

Check out some of the educational sessions and networking activities that will help you accelerate the success of your company and the industry at the IDEA E-Biz Forum 2008.

Business Process is the “What”, Technology can be a big part of the “How”

It is imperative to clearly define exactly what you want to accomplish before you think about “how” you will go about the implementation. Many times in business today companies’ jump right into an IT, website or systems project thinking it will solve a business problem when it either makes the current situation worse and/or creates a whole new set of problems. Find out how to overcome this common challenge.

Data Pain…How to Diagnose and Treat Your Toughest Data Dilemmas

Diagnose the true pain points in your data and what festers in the distributor’s system when left untreated. Discover the core cause of invoice deductions and identify the hidden data discrepancies that may be triggering ordering errors. This session showcases solutions to keep that data in sync. Put an end to the never ending battle of pricing and ordering errors for good while reaping the immediate benefits of data sync, including 5-10% sales increases.

Case Study: Increased Trading Partner Profits via Industry Data Warehouse

Discover how a manufacturer and distributor collaboratively work together to experience productivity gains and increased sales by synchronizing enriched data in Industry Data Warehouse.

Beyond EDI – the Next Generation of eBusiness

The tangible benefits of electronic communication between Business systems using EDI are indisputable. Data entry is eliminated, accuracy is improved and overall efficiency is increased. What if you could take the next step – beyond EDI? Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is the answer. Enterprise SOA includes the business context and data standards that bring it all together to deliver a real Business value and enable rapid innovation.

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Industry Networking at its Best

The IDEA E-Biz Forum provides you with the opportunities to get to know the industry’s finest in a social atmosphere. The networking events of this year’s Forum include:

  • Opening Tech Fair Welcome Reception
  • Forum Golf Tournament
  • Washington D.C. Tour
  • “Casino Royale” Night Out in Old Town Alexandria
  • IDEA’s 10 Year Anniversary Gala

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