March 9, 2016

Product Information Subcommittee Is Now Accepting Applications

IDEA’s management and Board of Directors mandated the population of 43 critical data fields in the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). These 43 critical fields (42 transactional fields, plus one attribute set) comprise the minimum product information needed by distributors to conduct business and sell manufacturers’ products.

Attributes – one of the 43 critical data fields – are values that describe a product characteristic (e.g., color, voltage, tensile strength, etc.) that may be applied to a whole category of products. IDEA’s Classification and Marketing Descriptor Model (formerly the Electrical Attribute Schema) defines the attributes available for specific product categories. IDEA’s ISC Product Information (PI) Subcommittee is currently in the process of reviewing the most common categories to ensure all appropriate attributes are listed for each category, and identifying the critical attributes.

You, too, can become involved in this process!

The Product Information Subcommittee is now accepting applications! Participation is open to all members of the industry; however, you must be a user of at least one of IDEA’s services.

By volunteering your time to serve on the Product Information Subcommittee, you will secure your company’s exclusive leadership position in the eBusiness standards decision-making process and make a valuable contribution to the success of eBusiness throughout the electrical supply chain.

If you or someone within your company is interested in Product Information Subcommittee membership, please fill out the online form or contact Brenda Maxwell, Standards Development Administrator, IDEA at or 703-562-4639.

If you have any questions about the Classification and Marketing Descriptor Model, or the work of the IDEA Standards Product Information Sub-Committee, please contact your Data Management Specialist.