May 13, 2019

Project Status – Get Ready, Join In!

wholesale industry standards for North America

Project Status – Get Ready, Join In

Bill Ferguson, VP Products and Services


In light of the past project, I wanted to give everyone a status on how the project is progressing.  Short answer – very well.  We are 5 months into the project, and last week began the first round of testing.  We imported / migrated the full IDW, and completed a full cycle of importing files (B1-B7), requested and approved authorizations, and extracted files, and verified the data was correct.

While much work remains, we are now also preparing for customer training, and even beginning to define requirements of the go live process.

The team is really excited – we see and build daily new capabilities for you – designed to make your work with IDEA and Connector easier, faster, and with more detail. Capabilities which can lower your overall cost, as well as speed the transaction for both Distributor and Manufacturer – and help both bring new products to market faster.

We purchased and are now implementing a learning management System – The IDEA Learning Portal to help us and you prepare for the new platform. The User Group is well over 100 member customers and is growing – and they are getting demonstrations as we build and deploy – and we want feedback.

Go Live begins Sept 23 –  I encourage you to join the user group, attend the demonstrations, learn about our machine to machine capability, the new quality functionality, our sql database for manufacturers and distributors, and the IDEA Partner PIM – a world class MDM/ PIM you can get for a fraction of the cost and  built under our managed services architected framework, on our servers.

Go live is coming – Get Ready, Join In – and don’t forget eBiz –  you’ll get a very personal “look see” into Connector from Sherri Thorne’s team.




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