November 5, 2008

Reelect IDEA in 2009

The election polls are closed, votes are counted and the American people have spoken. Now it is time for you to choose the company that can lead the industry towards efficient eCommerce and data synchronization adoption. Check out IDEA’s stance on the issues and our plan for the future. IDEA wants your vote in 2009.

Who we are:

As the industry-backed eCommerce connection between trading partners, IDEA links the electrical manufacturing and distribution supply chain with data synchronization in order to build better trading partner relationships, as well as identifying and integrating emerging technologies for customers’ future needs. Today, IDEA serves over 500 businesses that are predominantly manufacturers and distributors of electrical components and 500 non-electrical customers. IDEA’s driven staff daily implements the vision of our experienced Board of Directors.

Our Vision

Our vision is that in 5 years or less, a majority of U.S. electrical manufacturers and distributors will both understand the value that IDEA creates and will realize cost savings in their business from increasing use of electronic data share and eliminating manual business transactions.

Our Mission

To drive costs out of the electrical supply chain as the electrical industry’s standards-setting, data synchronization, and eCommerce service provider.

What we are all about:

Customers First. We practice relationship-driven account management aimed at supporting each customer in designing the unique way they use our products and services. Our customers can count on IDEA to be a valuable partner in their success.

Business-to-Business Learning and Information Sharing. Our mantra is, “more is better when it comes to the flow of information”. IDEA invests in the success of the electrical supply chain by nurturing a learning community, convening leaders to make accurate information widely available and by sustaining an open information conduit.

Power in Standard, Accurate and Reliable Information. We are committed to defining data formatting standards in the electrical industry to ensure that our customers always have access to reliable, trustworthy information.

User Friendly Technology. We create value for our customers with easy and useful data synchronization and eCommerce tools that respond to their needs and recommendations.

Our plan for the future:

Goal 1: The comprehensive IDEA data synchronization platform is an integral part of the electrical supply chain and propels the channel to a new level of eCommerce

How we plan to reach it:

  • Strength through collaboration and partnering
    • Customers, business partners, solution providers
  • Enhancing the data synchronization platform (ease of use, data quality, data quantity, etc.)
  • Services to analyze effectiveness of customer’s data synchronization operations
  • Align manufacturer and distributor business data needs to make information sharing more profitable
  • Leverage our strategic partners’ capabilities to make current solutions fit your needs… today and tomorrow

Goal 2: Customers value IDEA as their one-stop partner for all of their data sharing and eCommerce business solutions.

How we plan to reach it:

  • Customized and integrated support program based on our customers specific business needs
  • Incorporating new technology to enhance IDEA’s customer training philosophy
  • Creating an All-in-One Data Synchronization Service package which is tailored for our customers
  • Changing the mind set of Data sync from uniquely IT… to managing business transactions and end-customers’ experiences

Goal 3: Compliance with a comprehensive set of straightforward standards for the industry increases profitability among customers.

How we plan to reach it:

  • Current and forecasted environment compelled us to create a more formalized standards business unit
  • Standards enable data synchronization throughout the channel… decreasing costs and increasing profits
  • Harmonization with international and related industry standards
  • Concern with inertia has us aggressively marketing and educating the business benefits of standards
  • Developing attribute level detail associated with UNSPSC to more completely represent the electrical industry products

Get more information on our plan for the future by contacting Lily Saad at (703) 562-4606.