August 29, 2007

Request Form: Distributor Request for Net Pricing Information in the IDW2

Distributors, make your pleas heard to your suppliers. The Distributor Request for Net Pricing Information in the IDW2 was circulated around the NAED South Central Region Conference and has already generated great results. Help yourself be proactive and we will get your requests into your suppliers’ hands.

We can all agree that providing clean, complete data, that includes Net Price into Stock, shows a manufacturer’s commitment to the health of the electrical distribution channel.

The NAED Board of Directors approved a resolution tasking IDEA to implement the capability to house and deliver enriched data, product images and Net Price into Stock Data via the Industry Data Warehouse. IDEA has met this resolution and now it is a matter of the manufacturing community providing the information to the IDW2 to meet the needs of their distributor Trading Partners.

Please sign the Request Form with your name and company. If you would like this to be sent to each supplier on your linecard, please leave the manufacturer field empty.

Please email or fax signed copies to Rita Hagopian at (703) 562-4629.

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