November 29, 2012

Request New Webinar about iConex On-Demand

The last live webinar “iConex: Capture. Transform. Deliver.” is now available on-demand. To receive the video recording, please send your request and you will receive the link via email upon approval. The presentation is also available to download and share on SlideShare.

View the webinar to learn how IDEA’s iConex solution combines an innovative text-to-EDI solution with the Industry Data Exchange (IDX). This integrated application enables you to automate order management with trading partners that are not EDI-capable while leveraging the existing systems, processes and people you already have in place. The webinar includes a demo of iConex to show how it can help lower your operational costs, maximize ROI and improve customer service.

Twitter highlights from the webinar:

  • Mark Toffoli, ecmarkets: Companies like @McNaughtonMcKay experience over 50% cost reduction by using EDI services like iConex #IDEAwebinars
  • In comparison, the cost of EDI is 6% the cost of manual processing per research from IBM Smarter Commerce. #IDEAwebinars
  • Use fully-automated order processing to save 30% in cycle time improvements and 5-10% in customer service levels. #IDEAwebinars

Please comment on this post or tweet topics and questions you’d like to see covered in upcoming webinars (Don’t forget to mention us @IDEAeSolutions and use the #IDEAwebinars hashtag!)

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