February 27, 2014

Resource Reminder: NAED’s Recommended Best Practices for Electronic Measures

NAED’s Supply Chain Task Force published “Recommended Best Practices for Electronic Measures” in 2012 to provide a supply chain evaluation process that can help facilitate a dialog and reduce costs for both manufacturers and distributors. The supply chain scorecard is still relevant today and is an ongoing business tool for the industry.

The electronic measures used to score companies include electronic orders, electronic invoices, EDI transaction sets and IDEA participation. The resource provides a checklist, which enables users to analyze if their company is meeting eBusiness goals set by the industry. The components of IDEA participation break down into several categories, including items such as manufacturers providing enriched catalog data in the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) and the quality of that product data. 

The scorecard is “used to enhance efficiency, improve performance to end-customers, and drive results. It also enables distributors and manufacturers to identify issues, develop action plans, and hold each other accountable for results”.

View the Supply Chain Scorecard “Recommended Best Practices for Electronic Measures” here to find out if your company is on the track to eBusiness success.

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