July 23, 2015

Resource: The Product Life Cycle and IDW Status Codes

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Each product developed by a manufacturer goes through its own life cycle, starting with its initial design and ending when it’s removed from store shelves and business systems. Updating and communicating the life cycle phase an item is in fosters smooth and efficient business practices. Trading partners will be on the same page, better able to gauge when to reduce stock, make room for new products, or take items off eCommerce sites. 

The Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) has its own set of status codes that assist trading partners in communicating these life cycle updates to accurately anticipate necessary stock adjustments. 

We have created a downloadable resource for IDW users, displaying how the IDW status codes correlate with more commonly used terms for product life cycle stages within the industry. This resource can also be found within the IDW: Advanced > Information > Documents > IDW Product Life Cycle Graphic

Above: An illustration of the product life cycle as referred to in more standard product development terms. 

Above: Using the same illustration, we instead indicate where IDW status codes apply through the product life cycle.

Click here to download PDF

To learn more about IDW product status codes, schedule a one-on-one or contact your Data Management Specialist.