October 11, 2012

Sneak Peek at IDEA’s new Supply Chain Analytics Tool

Here’s a sneak peek of a new service from IDEA that was revealed at the Forum, and will be available for manufacturers to use soon. The Supply Chain Analytics tool is an on-demand data governance tool that manufacturers can use to monitor the quality of their product data in the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). Manufacturers can leverage the flexibility and cost-savings to undertake data governance projects themselves. The evaluation criteria for this new tool are based on guidelines and best practices developed by the IDEA Industry Standards Committee (ISC). The tool will enable manufacturers to evaluate their data quality on multiple levels of detail and export to Excel to fix the core issues in their business systems.

The Executive Summary evaluates data quality at a high-level from the ID­W application and presents blind aggregate comparisons with peers.


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The Group Summary drills down to the field level to pinpoint specific data quality issues and prioritize data governance projects.

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Field Errors reports all the present errors in an exportable format and provides an error list defining each type of error. The report can be exported and used to fix the core problem at the source of the business system, ensuring that further data feeds to any platforms are accurate and validated.


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Look for more information about this new service available soon in upcoming issues.