October 17, 2007

Square D, a brand of Schneider Electric, Now Automating Net Price Updates to IDW

Square D (SQD), a global brand of Schneider Electric, recently began implementing an automated process to update Net Pricing data via the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). The IDW Net Price into Stock feature enables manufacturers to populate all their Net Price files in one location and allows only authorized distributors to download their specific Net Price data. Data is secure as it moves through the system using state-of-the-art tools.

With the new automated process, Square D is now sending updated Net Pricing data to distributors via IDW on a weekly basis without human intervention. This new automated process will replace the manual process that was used to provide distributors monthly updates upon an ad hoc request.

According to Ann Adams, Channel Development/Operations Manager at SQD Schneider Electric, Square D began the development of this process to eliminate the need for long hours of manual work and to ensure accurate pricing information is delivered on time. The automated process also allows Square D to inform distributors of the exact date of the price change compared to only the yearly effective date from the previous process.

“Manual processing was time consuming, unreliable, and simply inefficient. Because SQD Schneider Electric strives to be the ‘Easy to do Business with Manufacturer’, we wanted to support this concept but do it more efficiently and productively,” said Adams.

The new automated process makes it simple for Square D to send Net Price data to multiple distributors simultaneously through IDW. Square D is now updating IDW with Net Pricing for fifty individual distributor accounts. This automation helps eliminate price discrepancies and moves Square D one step closer to complete data synchronization with their distributors.

BL Robinson, a distributor of Square D products, is already benefiting from Square D’s effort to automate Net Pricing updates in IDW.

“Net pricing in IDW has created huge efficiency gains for us. The pricing comes in a standard format and is part of our normal update procedure which keeps our system pricing current and reduces purchase order price problems. We save time by pulling the information from IDW instead of having to create separate imports. We love it,” said Joe Wallace, Data/Pricing Administration Manager, Van Meter Industrial/BL Robinson.

Distributors are encouraged to take advantage of this information. To get started today, contact Ann Adams, SQD Schneider Electric, at 859-485-2907 or ann.adams@us.schneider-electric.com.  

To learn more about providing Net Pricing data to IDW, contact the IDW Product Director, Bob Whitehouse, at (703) 562-4608.

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