June 24, 2009

Standards Hot Fact: Exchange Special Pricing with the 845

The EDI 845 document (Price Authorization Acknowledgment/Status) is used by the supplier to provide specific data for pre-authorized special pricing agreements (quotations/contracts) to their trading partners. Manufacturers and distributors that use maps to import and export 845 data to their ERP system facilitate the most efficient and effective way to exchange special pricing. Trading partners can use the 845 alone or with other EDI documents to:

  • Clarify and automate the contract/quote process
  • Improve response rates to special price requests
  • Acknowledge the authorization of the contract
  • Facilitate a quick process for requesting and approving a credit associated with the contract

Business case examples:

Net Into-Stock (Stock Sale) – the 845 would be used to provide the distributor with a Net Into-stock price, distributor and/or branch specific. The distributor would purchase the product at the Net Price and stock it for resale in their market and to their customers.

Ship and Debit (customer rebate) process – the 845 would be used to confirm a contract/quote price for an item or a discount group. Then the 844 transaction (Product Transfer Account Adjustment) would be used to request the credit, followed by an 849 confirmation transaction (Response to Product Transfer Account Adjustment).

Quote and bidding process – the 840 (Request for Quotation) would be used by the buyer to request quotes from one or more sellers. Then the 843 (Response to Request for Quotation) would be used by the seller to bid on the contract. This process could be repeated in an attempt to win the bid. Optionally, the 836 (Procurement Notice) could be used by the buyer to confirm the awarding of a contract.

Quote/contract confirmation (Contract Sale) – the 845 may be used to confirm an already agreed upon quote for a job-specific contract, customer and/or special promotion.