June 23, 2016

Standards Updates: IDW Classification and Marketing Descriptor Model v05.00

Earlier this year, IDEA announced that changes would be made to the Classification and Marketing Descriptor Model (CMD, formerly known as the Electrical Attribute Schema).

The CMD defines the attributes available for specific product categories The changes announced earlier this year involved removing category attributes from the CMD that manufacturers were not using. However, upon further examination, the Industry Standards Committee found that many of these attributes were still being populated within the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) and useful to numerous manufacturers. Thus, these category attributes have been added back into the CMD. If you have a concern about how this change may affect an item’s compliance, please contact your Data Management Specialist.

Classification and Marketing Descriptor Model Updates – CMDv05.00 

The current version of the CMD (CMDv05.00) has also been updated to reflect new categories from the latest version of the United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes (UNSPSCv18) ® – released earlier this year – that are applicable to the electrical industry. The CMDv05.00 is ready and accessible within the IDW.

Introducing Critical Attributes

In addition to the new categories in the CMDv05.00, you will also see a new column titled “Critical Attributes”.

  • Here, the ISC’s Product Information Subcommittee has identified which category attributes must be populated for most product categories.
  • These critical attributes will be required (date TBD) and must be populated to retain compliant status within IDEA’s Data Certification Program.

We encourage all manufacturers to review the critical category attributes at this time and prepare for their implementation. If you have any concerns about the assigned critical attributes, please complete an IDW CMD Change Request Form (available within the IDW).


To access all of the new/updated standards documents: 

Log in to the IDW. Once you have logged in, navigate to the top menu and click Advanced > Information > Documents. There, you will find the documents available for download.

If you have any questions on a specific update, please reach out to your Data Management Specialist, your Distributor Specialist, or email IDEA at idwsupport@idea4industry.com.

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