May 26, 2011

Standards Updates Make Populating IDW Easier

The IDEA Industry Standards Committee (ISC) released a new version of the Product Data Descriptor (PDD)–a standardized template manufacturers use to upload product data into the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) via electronic data interchange (EDI)–and a new version of the EZView Flat File–a subset of the PDD that can be used by companies that are not EDI capable. Both documents have consistent verbiage and coding, and have been enhanced to improve the user experience.

The formatting of both documents has been changed and new worksheet tabs have been added to make it easier to understand the coding.

Code lists and legends have been added within the documents so that users don’t have to search through EDI mapping software.

The new PDD and EZView Flat File will help manufacturers understand the necessary fields for the IDW, and how to properly load and manage them. These documents provide distributors with a guide to the types of data fields that they can expect to receive from the manufacturers, what is mandatory, and what could be supplied if the manufacturer has the information available in their business system.

Additionally, there are multiple guideline documents available on the IDEA Portal to further assist in understanding the fields in IDW and how to use them including:

  • IDW Product Change Management Guideline
  • IDW Product Lifecycle Benefit Analysis
  • IDW Data Codes Whitepaper
  • IDEA Catalog Descriptive Field Guideline
  • Enhanced Attributes – Digital Images Guideline

You can download these documents from the Standards section of the IDEA Portal. For more information, please contact your account manager or email  

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