September 13, 2013


“IDEA was the first to bring manufacturers and distributors together to make collective decisions. Both parties are literally in same room voicing hardships and pain points and coming up with solutions together. It’s a very collaborative environment and any manufacturer or distributor that is not participating in the conversation is really missing out.” — Stacie Braffet, IDEAL 

“It’s all about giving customers a result that’s manageable and you can see by using the Attribute Schema which was developed in conjunction with the all back-fill of all the UNSPC codes, that now when someone comes to one of our sites and wants to use a key word search, we can show them a result set based on every node in our tree, then offer them the balance of the attributes to further define the product. The customer can quickly get down to a set of products to make a buying decision.” — David Starr, McNaughton-McKay 

“The standardization of data and documents, made possible with the assistance of IDEA, aids in reduction of errors thus lowering the cost of the business transaction. This also helps improve the invoice-to-payment time cycle.” — Marilee Anderson, Kirby Risk 

“I would say that the need for the attributed data and the benefits of that from a manufacturer’s standpoint is to keep our distributors happy. We have a lot of similar products and the only way we can differentiate our products is by using the Electrical Attribute Schema. We’ve seen an increase in accuracy of the data and quantity of the data attributes and our general descriptions have improved.” — Peter Vient, Osram Sylvania 

“Offering standardized enriched product information is going to make you, as a manufacturer, easier to do business with; it’s going to make your products easier to find, access, and understand. And, in the fast-paced electronic environment that we live and work in today, that could be your only advantage.” — Dawn Wright-Perry, Milbank 

“We now know that marketing content, enriched descriptions, attributes, and multiple spec documents are becoming global standards. To do business globally, this is what is going to be a necessity. Although the GS1 initiative is mainly being driven by the retail sector, the distribution sector is not far behind. The efforts that NEMA and IDEA are making to incorporate the GS1 understanding of the new attributes is going to put us ahead of the game in the future.” — Angela LiVolsi, Philips Lighting Company 

“The better the marketing information is on a product, the easier it is to get that product line-up correct. Having standardized attributes makes the whole process from manufacturer to end customer more efficient and reliable.” — Jason Archbold, Border States Electric 

“It’s a top down kind of thing; when leaders make it a priority within their company to automate sending and receiving data, then they put the resources in place. It’s important to keep pushing this issue with manufacturers and software vendors, encouraging others to implement the standards and get the software in place to make this happen.” — Ron Schlader, Crescent Electric Supply Co. 

“If you place a glue stick vertically on the desk and ask someone for an approximate length, width and height, then place the glue stick horizontally and ask the same question, you get two different interpretations. Similar misinterpretation occurs with electrical product data when there is no industry standard implemented.” — Phil Barrios, Hubbell Incorporated