August 13, 2008

Syncing the Industry One Panel at a Time

There is a need and a solution to synchronize data with trading partners. It helps decrease ordering errors and increase sales no matter your company size. A diverse group of panelists will combine their expertise to bring the industry’s data synchronization hardships and proven solutions to the stage at the E-Biz Forum 08’.

Make sure you are in the front row during this interactive discussion between a manufacturer, distributor and service provider. They will present their realized value of data synchronization by discussing the efforts and the rewards witnessed. This session will also explore the progress of data synchronization and what the future holds.

Panelists will answer questions such as:

  • What is it that your customers, suppliers and trading partners want when it comes to business information? And how does data synchronization play into this?
  • Can growth be tied to data quality and synchronization?
  • How can distributors overcome infrastructure challenges to support their need for data sync?
  • When the need of data synchronization is realized, what are the next steps?
  • What can be done to get this movement going full speed ahead?
  • How can we work together to achieve mass-adoption?

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About the Panel

Moderator: Gene Randall, Renowned Television Journalist

Gene Randall’s professional broadcast journalism career can be measured by the major stories he covered; among them: the Solidarity strikes in Poland in 1980, the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, and daily coverage of four U.S. Presidential Campaigns from 1988 through 2000.

In the 2000 campaign, Randall hosted CNN’s celebrated "This Week In Politics”, a favorite with campaign insiders. With a broadcasting career that spanned four decades and much of the world, Gene Randall’s speeches combine historic moments he has witnessed, the offbeat incidents that never made the evening news, the current political scene, and the effects of September 11, 2001 on our political fabric. Through his company, Gene Randall Enterprises, he is also offering a wide variety of services to trade associations and corporations. They include convention hosting, moderating panel discussion, live audience interviews of keynote speakers, webcast and closed-circuit television anchoring and videoconference hosting.


Denise Keating, President, DATAgility

Denise Keating is the Co-Founder and President of DATAgility where she oversees all aspects of the business operations. Her mission is to assist DATAgility’s manufacturer and distributor customers with developing formal company plans to prepare, share, and sync quality data with their trading partners to maximize sales opportunities and reduce operating inefficiencies. She has more than 20 years experience in providing business consulting services for EDI, VMI, Product Data Governance business strategies.

Denise has demonstrated leadership in the development and implementation of data standards in multiple industry sectors including Electrical, Healthcare, HVAC, Heavy Duty Truck, and the Aftermarket. Denise organizes and operates programs for enablement of the AAIA Category Management, SEMA Data Sync, and IDEA Data Sync Programs.

Ray Huber, CIO, Eaton

Raymond L. Huber is the Chief Information Officer for Eaton’s Electrical Group. Eaton is a global multi-billion diversified industrial manufacturer. He was promoted to his current assignment as Vice President, IT & e-Business for the Electrical Group in 2002.

Huber began is career in 1987 with Westinghouse Electric Corporation in the Technical Sales and Marketing program. Beginning in 1989, he spent three years as a Field Sales Engineer in Allentown, PA. In 1995, after Eaton acquired Westinghouse’s Distribution and Control Business Unit, he was promoted to manager of the Customer Support Center for the Commercial Operations Division. In 1997, Ray was promoted to Manager, Product Configuration in the Information Technology group. Huber was named the Director of e-Business for Eaton in 2000. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science of Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

Huber is a board member of the United Way for Allegheny County and Three Rivers Connect (3RC), a non-profit in Pittsburgh. Ray also served as board member for IDEA for the past six years.

Greg Hames, President, Viking Electric Supply

Greg Hames has proudly served Viking Electric Supply, Inc., an operating division of Sonepar USA based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for 33 years. He spent 20 years in an outside sales role, calling on the Twin Cities’ electrical contractor market. Greg was promoted to the Executive Vice President position and was a shareholder in Viking before the company was sold to Sonepar in June, 2000.

Hames became president of Viking after the Sonepar acquisition. He has led the company in an expansion plan that now includes 24 locations in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Hames also participates in many of the Sonepar Executive Councils and has been actively involved in distributor/manufacturer advisory groups. He currently serves as a Board Member and Past Chair of the North Central Electrical League.

Hames holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Minnesota and he and his wife, Cindy, have three children ages 26, 24, and 20.