May 13, 2014

Tech Trends: Who is Alibaba?

Alibaba, China’s eCommerce giant, has quickly come onto everyone’s radar as it presents the possibility of being the largest tech IPO ever.  According to the New York Times, the company is expected to go on the market at a value of roughly $200 billion – larger than US tech companies Amazon, eBay or Facebook. This week, we bring you articles to explain who Alibaba is and what you can expect from them in the future.  

“Alibaba: What You Should Know About the Most-Hyped IPO of the Year,”Mashable

A simple rundown of the Chinese company – what they are, how much money they are making, why they are going public in the US, and what impact, if any, they will have on American tech companies. Some report Alibaba is the largest eCommerce company in the world, with a net profit of over $3 billion in Q4 of 2013 and growing quicker still. 

“How Did Alibaba Capture 80% of Chinese E-Commerce?”Forbes

Alibaba was able to hop onboard early in China’s emerging tech and mobile market.  With minimal strong offline competitors, and a healthy trust from the Chinese population as the result of smart marketing, Alibaba quickly capitalized on the Chinese tech market.  A $1 billion investment from Yahoo! a decade ago didn’t hurt, either.

“Alibaba Unveils Data Center in Hong Kong,” Wall Street Journal

Alibaba, which owns many smaller companies that span the B2C and C2C sectors, is now investing heavily in their data management division to allow online merchants to sell larger quantities of product faster than ever. The new cloud-computing data center will be launched in Hong Kong, expanding Alibaba’s efforts beyond mainland China, with hopes to soon go beyond international borders. 

“Alibaba, by the Numbers,”The New York Times

Take a look at a breakdown of the numbers – how large Alibaba’s potential market is, how much of future revenue could come from mobile sales, and how the company compares to Silicon Valley competition.