July 8, 2016

Technology Trends: Automotive

While the self-driving vehicle buzz may take center stage for the future of the car industry, several other auto innovations are coming into the spotlight: automakers are electrifying vehicles for reasons other than environmental concern; the Internet of Cars is finding its ideal market; and the industry is heating up with rivalries ranging from automotive software to ridesharing.

This week’s “Tech Trends” examines recent innovations in the car industry.


7 Reasons Why Automakers Are Electrifying Their Cars – Hybrid Cars

There are many reasons for the proliferation of the electrification of the automobile within the last decade, with government compliance or the reduction of greenhouse gases often cited as the driving factor. This article delves deeper into the topic, however, and explores numerous other reasons why automakers are electrifying their cars.


China Will Own the Internet of Cars – Bloomberg

The “Internet of Cars” is the convergence of the mobile internet and the Internet of Things. This idea is an evolving concept of internet-connected cars that can entertain passengers, coordinate with other vehicles, navigate themselves and, eventually, drive autonomously. The future of this technology will likely be charted in China due, in large part, to the 24.6 million cars sold there in 2015, making China the largest market for vehicles. In addition, the typical Chinese car buyer is young and permanently connected, key drivers of innovation.


Apple CarPlay vs. Android Auto: Should Google Or Apple Take Over Your Dashboard? – Tech Times

The release of Apple’s CarPlay and Android’s Auto System is the latest in the Apple-Google software rivalry. Despite limitations, both systems offer impressive features for better navigation, messaging, and audio streaming. Find out what each brand has to offer.


Didi Chuxing Gets Investment of More Than $500 Million From China Life – The Wall Street Journal

Didi Chuxing, China’s $25 billion homegrown rideshare company, is looking to take on Uber Technology, Co. as China’s main ridesharing company. China Life Insurance Co. invested more than $500 million into Didi Chuxing Technology Co., after Apple Inc. made a $1 billion investment in the firm, giving Didi Chuxing the lead over Uber in China.


Who Will Build the Next Great Car Company? – Fortune

This list of Tech Trends wouldn’t be complete without discussing self-driving cars. What may have been a science fiction fantasy years ago is now where the future of automation lays. For years, we’ve seen updates from Google and Tesla about the autonomous car, but now, it is the car companies that are investing millions on autonomous features. Automakers, technology companies, and ambitious startups all agree that this transformation isn’t just headlines and hype – it’s inevitable.