May 14, 2015

Technology Trends: Computer Chips

As technological innovation continues to grow, our computers have shrunk and processing speeds have increased. Big data, cloud services, and the Internet of Things are creating greater needs for faster computers, and there has been a push in the tech industry to create the next evolution of computer chips. For example, there have recently been several developments in this area, from chips that use infrared light to computers that cost $9. This week, we highlight the latest advancements in computer chips from developers.    

As Moore’s Law Turns 50, Computer Chips Continue to Get Cheaper and More PowerfulQuartz

Gordon Moore, founder of Intel, predicted in the 1960s that computer chips would double in power every two years. Moore’s theory continues to be verified throughout the years, despite skeptics’ predictions otherwise. New semiconductor materials are being experimented with to create the computers of the future, which will continue to make computers even smaller and more powerful.

Here’s Why We Should be Really Excited About Quantum ComputersBusiness Insider

Quantum computers have the ability to process multiple pieces of data simultaneously, allowing for exponentially faster computing. Once made readily available, this technology, would allow systems and organizations with mass amounts of data – the U.S. Military, for example – to be streamlined and connected with other large programs. Quantum computers, which have the ability to learn and correct programming mistakes, would not only be able to sort through large piles of data, but also point to pieces of data humans would consider important.

With Infrared Rainbow, IBM Optical Chip Outpaces Copper WiresCNET

Computer chips are typically built using copper as a semiconductor, which transmits data via electrons. However, IBM recently released a computer chip that use photonics – the transmission of data using light – to send up to 25 gigabits of information per second. This new technology could cut fiber-optic costs in half.

Samsung to Unveil New Chips to Power Internet of ThingsForbes

This week, Samsung announced its new series of computer chips – Artik – that will allow manufacturers, both large and small, to integrate their products with the Internet of Things. The chip combines commonly used radio frequency standards (e.g. Bluetooth, RFID, and Wi-Fi) on one chip, making it easy for hardware developers to link their products to other devices.

CHIP Is a Computer That Costs $9Geek

CHIP, a new Kickstarter project, hopes to get investors excited about its $9 computer with built in Wi-Fi, 4GB of storage and a 1GHz processor. Once funded and available, the microcomputer would undoubtedly be one of the cheaper computers on the market, creating opportunity for startup companies to innovate cheaply. CHIP can perform all the normal functions of any other computer while taking up much less space at a size of 2.3 by 1.5 inches.