September 16, 2016

Technology Trends: Exercise

Gym memberships and workout routines may never completely disappear, but technology is aiming to enhance how we exercise. This week’s “Technology Trends” series explores how to use technology and gadgets to get in better shape.

These Fitness Apps Can Help You Stay in ShapeThe Washington Post

Since we are already spending countless hours and hundreds of dollars on our smartphones, we might as well use them to get in shape. Most phones come equipped with health trackers and goal setting features, but this article will introduce you to the apps that also take into account user ratings, reliability, and battery usage. Another perk is that most of these apps are free.

On This Cycling Trip in Santa Monica, the Scenery Is on Screen but Your Workout Is RealThe LA Times

The Les Mills company, the world’s largest provider of choreographed exercise-to-music group fitness classes, has introduced a new Immersive Fitness class, available at the 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport location in Santa Monica. The class, called “Trip”, is a cycling workout that has participants pedal with virtual scenery ahead. At first, the cinematic projections may make some participants feel disoriented, but eventually, the brain becomes “tricked” into believing the scenery is real. The visual component of the workout makes it more exciting and engaging.

New Virtual Reality Fitness Apps Aim to Make Exercise Less TediousThe Washington Post

Most of the Virtual Reality (VR) industry tends to focus on gaming and entertainment, and only a handful of start-ups are opting to target fitness. They aim to use VR to make workouts less tedious by pushing the user to move in response to experiences in the game, instead of simply distracting the user. It’s an exciting and innovative approach to fitness, but you do need to invest in a spate VR headset to experience a VR workout.

The Best Fitness GadgetsThe Telegraph

While variations of the Fitbit and Garmin continue to dominate the list of best fitness gadgets on the market, this article offers a number of new options. For example, Lumo’s smart sensor technology provides a discrete way to track key metrics to improve running and posture. Other gadgets include an exercise tracking app and several biometric real-time data applications that allow for personalized feedback.

Newest Wearables From Apple and Fitbit Set Up a Fitness BattleFortune

The fitness industry has long been interested in incorporating wearables, and it seems like the trend is here to stay. Recently, Nike teamed up with Apple, creating the latest version of the Apple Watch. The newest features of the Apple Watch focus on fitness, allowing the company to tap into the avid exerciser market. At the same time, Fitbit is taking a page from Apple’s playbook and adding features such as push notifications, enabling social media capabilities, and offering more colorful accessories.