April 15, 2015

Technology Trends: Live Streaming

A variety of mobile apps are currently in use that allow you to share and browse photo and video content. So what’s next? Experiencing what others are experiencing, right now.  Live-streaming video apps are not new, but it seems that users are now more ready to use them. Two major live-streaming mobile apps – Meerkat and Periscope – have recently been released, providing a platform on which users can share live feeds of what they are doing.

With a new social platform at businesses’ disposal, will live streaming be an avenue every company will want to pursue? This week, we bring you a selection of articles introducing you to live-streaming apps and exploring the potential gains, as well as pitfalls, of sharing experience in real time.

“The Meerkat-Periscope Live-streaming race is neck-and-neck after a crazy week.”Quartz

Meerkat, a live-streaming video app, emerged in late February at this year’s South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. A week later, Twitter introduced their live-streaming app, Periscope. These two apps, the largest competitors in the market, are now battling for adoption. But is live streaming a zero-sum game?

“As Twitter Introduces Periscope, Tech Titans Bet on Live Streaming Video.”The New York Times

Investors and venture capitalists are spending big money on live-streaming technology. With the recent increase in consumers who are using larger mobile screens and better data plans to stream video, investors believe live streaming will be the next method of communication and sharing for consumers. Furthermore, apps such as Vine and Snapchat have paved the way for users to feel comfortable posting video content online. Despite potential downsides to live, uncensored, and unedited video, investors are betting that this type of raw communication will be a big hit.

“Weekend Read: Do the Latest Live-Streaming Apps Make Sense for Business?”The Wall Street Journal

Tech moguls and investors predict that live-streaming technology is not just a fad – it is here to stay. Although the apps have limited quality content now, there are abundant opportunities for companies to take advantage of an instant connection with viewers. For example, customer relations could greatly improve with the amount of transparency that live-streaming apps provide, also contributing to crisis control and general brand image. In addition, live streaming corporate culture could be a huge asset when it comes to attracting job candidates.

“Periscope Users Live Streaming Game of Thrones Face Account Closure.”Mashable 

While live-streaming apps offer exciting possibilities, they may also cause new headaches. Piracy has been a topic of concern amongst rights holders of entertainment media and sporting events. Last weekend, dozens of Periscope users live streamed HBO’s “Game of Thrones” season five premiere. In response, Periscope has threatened to shut down these accounts, raising the question of what kind of piracy-prevention measures the app could put into place in the future.