November 16, 2016

Technology Trends: Newspaper

It is no headline that newspaper subscription and readership have declined in recent years. Readers are dropping print subscriptions in favor of digital reads accessible via desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. In this week’s “Technology Trends” examine the factors that have contributed to the decline of print news and the rise of alternate news sources.

News Use Across Social Media Platforms 2016Pew Research Center

The Pew Research Center conducted a survey to analyze how users get news on social media, rather than see news on social media. While users on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram get their news by chance, users on Reddit, Twitter, and LinkedIn actively seek out news. The study also break downs the changes in the demographic landscape of social media users within the past three years.

Why did Facebook buy a social analytics tool used by media companies? Digital Trends

Although Facebook has repeatedly denied it is a media company, it recently acquired the startup CrowdTangle known for its social analytics platform for media publishers. Many assume that Facebook will use the technology to filter out fake news, spam, and click-bait to create more relevant items on its News Feed feature.

Back to the future: were newspaper publishers wrong to go digital?The Guardian

This article examines whether the newspaper industry should have focused on improving print rather than diverting its attention to online content publishing and building a web presence. While readers are leaving print, they are not replacing print with the online editions due to performance gaps between these product offerings.

Sticking with Print Would Not Have Helped Newspapers Avoid Death Fortune

This article argues that print newspapers’ decline is not due to the Internet; rather, the Internet accelerated a decline that was driven primarily from radio and television news. The rise of Google and the real estate of online ads powered by algorithms put a strain on newspaper ad revenue, and even if newspaper had focused on print, these trends would have still taken place.

UK newspapers team up to combat falling revenuesFinancial Times

To combat decline in print revenues, the United Kingdom’s biggest newspaper groups are working to establish joint advertising sales operations. By sharing costs, the UK newspaper industry will attempt to offset declining revenues as advertisers and readers switch to online platforms.