May 29, 2014

Technology Trends: The Future is Here

This week, we bring you several scenes straight from The Jetsons: personal robots, cars that drive themselves, and virtual currency.  The future we imagined 50 years ago might be starting to come to fruition – perhaps flying cars and robot dogs aren’t that far-fetched after all.

Intel Will Launch An Open-Source Consumer Robot That’s Like ‘A Smartphone With Legs’”Business Insider

Intel has plans to release its next product line – an open-source robot – by the end of 2014.  What does this mean? With its open-source design, consumers can create additional developments for the robot even after Intel’s official launch. In addition, consumers will be able to build their own personal robots at home using a 3D printer, with further customization capabilities available from apps purchased through an Intel app store.

“8 Big Questions About Google’s Self-Driving Car” – Mashable

Google has recently released the design of its self-driving car prototype.  This article explores what this new car will likely cost consumers, what kind of safety measures are in place, potential for “car hacking,” and more.  The driverless car is expected to be on the roads by 2020. 

“Dish Network to Accept Bitcoin”The New York Times

Starting this fall, Dish Network will accept Bitcoin, a virtual currency that has made headlines lately for its possible security risks and issues. Though customers will still be able to make payments online via credit and debit cards, bitcoins will now also be accepted through the payment processor Coinbase.  With its acceptance of Bitcoin, Dish Network follows the lead of other large online retailers, such as 

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