March 18, 2015

Technology Trends: The Office

As workplaces and productivity practices continue to shift away from paper-based and analog methods, new services and tools keep cropping up to push workplace innovation forward. This week, we bring you articles that feature the apps, systems, and products that could help your office become a more productive and paper-free environment.

Haystack’s New App Wants to be Your Digital Business Card TechCrunch

Haystack is a new mobile app where users can create and exchange their own digital business card. The app also provides a way to make the transition from paper to digital with a feature that scans and stores any physical paper business cards users may receive. The tool can also be used to send business cards straight from the app through email or text message. 

Slack, the Office Messaging App That May Finally Sink EmailThe New York Times

Used by large companies such as Comcast, Wal-Mart, and The New York Times, Slack is a service that takes emphasis off of one-to-one emails, and provides a more open communication model throughout the company. Comparable to a group chat, the system provides an open forum where all interactions between employees are transparent. The tool is meant to be suited for modern work environments in which tasks are more complex and require collaboration. 

Most Companies Don’t Email Their Employees. One App Fixes That – Forbes

While some companies are trying to get rid of email, other companies are struggling to find a way to communicate with their employees. More than half of the jobs in the US do not have a work email, and company-wide announcements are made through slower means of communication, such as flyers or phone calls. A new app, called Red e App, hopes to facilitate and improve internal communication. 

Tech Start-Up That Acts Like an Office ManagerCNBC

Q, a start-up in New York City, hopes to provide office managerial support for smaller companies who cannot afford to employ a full-time worker. Q has its own staff, which other companies can hire to do office cleaning, maintenance or handiwork. The key is that offices can communicate with Q via FaceTime and messaging on office-installed iPads, where they can schedule cleanings, provide feedback, and request supply refills. 

FiftyThree Raises $30 Million to Help Businesses Ditch Sticky Notes and WhiteboardsMashable

FiftyThree, developer of the drawing app Paper, has announced plans to release a new product next month that is more geared toward corporate needs. Called Think Kit, the product will offer users a freer space to sketch, diagram, and brainstorm projects. Cofounder and CEO Georg Petschnigg hopes that Think Kit will improve the corporate creative process and increase productivity.