July 27, 2016

Technology Trends: Video Games

The evolution of the gaming industry has seen the rise and demise of companies, consoles, and games. As the generation that was introduced to the modern console is growing older, their devotion, and passion for gaming continues. But it is external factors, such as mobile apps, that are pressuring the gaming world to evolve with a changing market landscape. From video game helping with ADHD, the latest in virtual reality, and the future of the console, this week’s “Tech Trends” explores the video game industry.           


Video Games May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered For ADHD – Fortune

Akili Interactive hopes to create a video game to help people suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder, depression, and Alzheimer’s. The video game, Project: EVO, helps treat cognitive issues by getting users to focus on objects within the games, simultaneously increasing difficulty to improve brain function.


This is why Microsoft would have been crazy to sell the Xbox business – Business Insider  

Despite the Xbox’s popularity, Microsoft executives have not always considered gaming core to the company’s business. However, Microsoft announced this year that it would launch its Play Anywhere Initiative that will finally poise the Xbox business to help feed back into Microsoft’s core business. Numerous high-profile games will now be available on Windows 10 and Xbox One.


How virtual reality gaming is blowing its big chance in 2016 – The Verge

At this year’s E3 – the gaming world’s annual conference – attendees got to see two virtual reality headsets that are already on sale (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive), as well as another that will hit the market later this year (the PlayStation VR). Despite their established platforms, the headsets urgently need games in order to be successful. This article discusses the capabilities and lacking features of all three devices while revealing the problems still prevalent with VR devices.


Soon You’ll Buy Consoles the Way You Upgrade iPhones – Wired

Since the introduction of consoles, the hardware typically stays the same from the moment it ships to market until the company decides to release a new model, which may take years. Now, Sony and Microsoft are willing to release console upgrades more frequently to compete with the mobile app industry.  


‘Pokémon Go’ May Leave Rivals Hunting for Gamers’ Attention – Wall Street Journal

“Pokémon Go”, an augmented-reality mobile app game, set a record for first-week downloads. It’s still too early to see if the app is more than hype but the mobile app has competitors shaken that Pokemon Go will overtake as market share leader. The worldwide phenomenon is even leading gamers to prioritize the mobile game over their PC and console games.