January 24, 2017

tED Magazine – Better Data Better Warehouse

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Better Data Better Warehouse


Better Data Better Warehouse

To remain competitive, distributors need to be able to move products from receiving docks to warehouse shelves to end-users without a hitch. How? By working off of the same packaging and inventory data as suppliers. Once in the business system, this information drives:

  • Superior shipping and warehouse logistics. The right data allows for better designed rack space allotments for the warehouse and the ability to cube out trucks, maximizing the space
  • Efficient order fulfillment. With correct digital data, products can be wuickly located and orders are not delayed.
  • Streamlined inventory management. Items within systems can be properly identified and consolidated, so the true demand for a product can be captured.
  • Warehouse automation. Precise data allows more effective utilization of warehouse automation. helping to reduce labor costs and conduct error-free order processing.

The best way to ensure the data in your business system matches the data in the suppliers’ systems is by accessing manufacturer data through a single, centralized source, like IDEA’s Industry Data Warehouse. Better data saves money by increasing warehouse efficiencies, and when systems are regularly fed with complete and accurate data, the warehouse can be kept in top shape.


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